Writing & Editing

The biggest vision with the clearest details.

This is what I go for.

As a writer I tend to intuit and download all of my words. My aim is to connect the reader with the divine essence of the message at hand.

Your mission is important to me!

Our conversations will enlighten the structures and directions of anything and everything I write for you. During the copywriting process I will also remember and utilize language that comes naturally to you… not to me.

Good copy works well, but great copy is just magical. I tend to go for the latter, not the former.


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As an editor, I hold nothing back.

If what you are looking for is straightforward feedback, with extensive notes, insightful commentary and nit-picky correction, then you will like me as an editor.

However, I do not mince words.

I am quite ruthless with my own writing, and I will treat yours with the same scrutiny. If what you need is fluffing and superficial validation, you won’t get it here.

I am kind but I am honest!

Always careful to maintain the author’s voice, I edit primarily for flow and clarity. I may move sentences or paragraphs around — or even cut them out entirely — but at the end of the day what I do with your work amounts simply to a big pile of excellent suggestions.


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