Work With Me

  1. Intuitive Business Guidance
  2. Copywriting or Graphic Design
  3. All-Inclusive Packages


Intuitive Business Guidance

This is a planning, visioning, and prepping session with your spiritual team and my own, where your Business Vortex sets the tone and leads the way.

If you’re stuck we find ways to get you flowing. If you feel challenged, we empower you with tools and solutions. If you’re overwhelmed, then we declutter what’s on your plate, and focus only on what’s important.

$60 / Hour

Contact me to schedule an Intuitive Business Guidance Session or another session of your choice (Willing Clearing Method, Lightbody Alchemy, or Energy Field Marketing).

Copywriting or Graphic Design

Small or short-term projects are always welcome.

Some of the possibilities are:

  • Social Media Images
  • Advertisement Copy
  • Short Biographies
  • Website Images
  • Business Cards
  • Letter Writing

All copywriting or graphic design is billed at $25/hour. I work fairly fast, so depending on what you need, you may only be charged for 30 or 15 minutes.

Contact me to schedule your project into my weekly planner. All copywriting and graphic design work is invoiced instead of prepaid.

All-Inclusive Packages

This is the most holistic and comprehensive way to work with me. All of my skills and talents are on the table when you purchase a package.

My priority here is to serve your business, no matter at what stage of evolution or manifestation it is. I bring all of my administrative savvy, wakefulness, mysticism and marketing magic, and you bring all of your dreams, ideas and primarily your willingness to work deeply and authentically.

As a spiritual entrepreneur, I make sure to check with your spiritual team and my own, as well as with your Business Vortex, to make sure that we are a good match in terms of values, vibration and mission.

Investments range from $800 to $4500.


Contact me to design the right package for you. Here are some ideas to get you started:


A) Website Only ~ Where we design or redesign your website in a collaborative fashion, and you supply all or most of the raw images and text.

B) Website + Coaching ~ Where we go with the flow of where you’re at, taking a clear look (plus action steps) towards where you’re supposed to be headed, according to your own Business Vortex and Akashic Records.

C) Deep Dive Transformation ~ Where we take your business idea from ground zero to full manifestation, in the period of one year.