Psychic Business Readings

My aim is to be the wind under your wings!

For regular guidance from Spirit, energetic healings and deep transformational work, you will want to purchase a package or request a quote for your unique project or situation.

For single, one-time readings, please choose from the selections below, according to the level of information you’re looking for, or your preferred method of divination.

For readings and healings that I do for the collective, please check out my new YouTube channel.


This is the problem-solver reading. For specific questions, sticky spots and blocks on the road.

Assisted by Gaia Oracle Cards, Pendulum, and our respective Spiritual Teams.

Short & sweet at 12 to 15 minutes, and recorded on video.

$30 USD



This is the planning and upgrading reading. For facing new challenges, charting new territory, and breaking new ground.

Assisted by Tarot Cards and our respective Spiritual Teams. Full of actionable details and useful outlines.

20 to 30 minutes recorded on video, with PDF notes.

$75 USD



This is the big vision, long-term reading. For soul-level contracts, karmic releases and divine blueprints.

Assisted by the Akashic Records Librarians and our respective Spiritual Teams.

Live Conversation, Channeling and Spiritual Work, 60 to 90 minutes long, depending on what is needed.

$120 USD




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