I find that our hearts are tapped into the Universe, directly connected to Spirit, and plugged into our own, unique Divine Blueprints and True Source Code! Embodiment is of the ways in which I usher clients from their heads to their hearts. The body is an infinitely wise coach for those who are willing to listen!

Why is it important to do this?

In order to…

  • Connect with your big mission & purpose.
  • Align with your soul’s dreams & desires.
  • Make better & more informed decisions.


People who follow their hearts create big change in the world and are blessed to live divinely orchestrated lives.

If you have had enough of closed doors, sticky places, problems without solutions or banging your head on walls, the fundamental question to begin asking yourself is:

“How do I make the longest journey, from my head to my heart… or from my intellect to my intuition… or from my ego to my insight?”

The quickest way is through Embodiment.

When we pay attention to the messages our bodies are trying to tell us, we move into a state of ease and flow.

Embodiment is the practice of listening to and heeding the wisdom of the body.

As nonverbal expressions of spirit, the physical vehicles we walk around in contain an infinite source of information…

We do well to listen!

My first career was in dance and somatics, so I am uniquely qualified to lead you through a process of self-discovery and inner revelation.

I believe our bodies are immensely helpful guides on our journey to our true heart’s work.

If you’re ready to experience an Embodiment Session — specifically in order to assist you in your business choices — please take a look at the options below.

If you have any questions or concerns related to Embodiment Coaching, please contact me and I will reply to you within 48 hours. Thank you!


This is a basic introduction to decision-making techniques that you can use for the rest of your life: the Body Compass and the Gut Check.

A good 30 minutes of learning and practice, within the privacy of your own home.

$60/session via Skype or Zoom.




This is an extended session, designed to assist the soul to feel at home in the body.

Highly individualized, we pause to address specific issues as they come up. A great 90 minutes of deep diving within oneself.

$120/session via Skype or Zoom.




This is a weekly series of Embodiment Sessions, for supporting big shifts in life, assisting foundational changes in business, and creating new possibilities in self-expression.

An excellent 60 minutes of pure transformational experience.

$520/package of 8 sessions.




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