Websites & Graphic Design

Brick Home by Brennan Ehrhard on Unsplash - croppedI create logos, websites, posters, pamphlets, business cards, and images for social media.

My service is detailed, attentive, full of creativity and 100% in alignment with what is needed.

I focus on understanding the purpose behind the product, the brand behind the person, and the pattern behind the company. I bring service of a kind that is missing on the planet. I care.



My design work started as an arts administrator in my 20’s. My sensibility as a graphic designer is influenced by a background in 3D composition as a movement artist. I am not available on short notice. I require time to do beautiful work.

Each project is unique, and my time frames vary. Please send me an inquiry about your specific needs. I will be happy to help you, your brand or your company.

It is my mission to keep all of my prices affordable, from the most simple image, to the most extensive, multiple-page website.

Please contact me anytime.

My collaborative process includes an initial conversation over chat, with a mapping out of your project and ideas within the general context of your business or company. Your mission matters to me.

I work singularly with simple online tools that create beautiful and effective images and websites. I open accounts for you and teach you how to update information. I can also help you gain an understanding of what’s possible within the parameters of a WordPress site that is co-hosted instead of self-hosted.

I do NOT work with self-hosted websites, Squarespace or Wix.

After our initial consultation, I will find, photograph, edit and create beautiful images for you and your website, posters, pamphlets, business cards, social media or other. You can give me raw images to work with if you like, and I’ll  request specific text, taglines and copywriting as needed. As an extra service, I will edit copy for an additional fee.

We will set milestones for you to look at the work as it progresses, and my full fee will be divided up between a deposit and a payment per milestone. It is important to me to hear your feedback along the way, and to stay on track in terms of your vision and the direction the project is headed in.



I pay attention to the details…

while keeping my eyes on the big vision.




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Posters & postcards

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