Hello & Welcome

I’m a Designer, Copywriter, Embodiment Coach & Intuitive Business Guide to Spiritual Entrepreneurs, Wayshowers & Changemakers.

I work with select clients who are at significant turning points on their path, and who are in the process of deepening their true heart’s work.

Part business shaman and part divine designer, I support you through your major progress, launch, new website, new course or great visioning experience — especially as you contemplate new vistas and embark onto new terrains.

By connecting with the vortex of your true heart’s work — exactly as it exists in the subtle realms — I bridge the divide between you and your business’ highest expression. Together we make your dreams come true.



From mess to bless, I help you see what your work wishes to become…

Downloaded sometimes directly from your Akashic Records, and at other times detailed by the spiritual team of your project or business, the vision of your work is made clear and no stone is left unturned.

  • My guidance style is both playful and serious + filled with wisdom from Divine Source.
  • My design style varies according to the patterns I see in your business vortex.
  • My writing style is just as intuitive and guided by both of our spiritual teams.

You won’t find anyone more woo to work with…

I guarantee it!!



Creativity is My WILD Home

Expression and Communication from 2D to 5D — with heart, spirit and an embodied sensibility of the galaxy — drives my being to bold strokes of the pen, mouse, keyboard and body.

I see how energy moves through a person, a business, a stage… a project, a screen, a page… how it delivers clarity or chaos according to the vision behind its making… and how it connects (or not) with its audience.

Here in this corner of the web you will find ways to work with me, speak with me on social media, or view some of my writing, embodiment or design work.



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Your privacy and sovereignty are sacred to me. I’ll never sell or share your information with anyone, ever, period.