An Awesome Testimonial from a Purpose-Driven & Soul-Aligned Client

Working with Sandra is a WOW experience!  I hired her to create a business website that I’d finally feel proud to share — a highly functional site that would beautifully represent my brand, grow my business, and grow with my business. (I’ve had a number of websites over the years that did NOT…)


Sandra delivered all that — and oh so much more:

1. Her gorgeous web design captures the energy and essence of who I am so that it immediately connects with my target audience. This is priceless.

2. Not only is Sandra a “divine designer,” she also has the tech stuff down: from page formatting and SEO (search engine optimization) to embedding forms, videos, pdf downloads and payment buttons so that my website attracts clients and customers and makes me money. Plus it’s super easy to navigate!

3. Turns out Sandra is also a gifted copywriter who helps me hone my ideas and then expresses them on my website in inspired copy that sounds like me! This is a rare and valuable skillset that saved me so much time and effort. I’ve been searching for years for a copywriter who can do this!

4. Sandra’s also researched every aspect of online business, and deeply understands what’s working now. Her research provides invaluable guidance for crafting offerings that work and choosing what to focus on — so you don’t waste energy trying to ‘do it all.’


And Sandra went above and beyond my many requests, desires and expectations — I never imagined anyone could:

— She did Energy Field Marketing with me to energetically call in the people who need my offerings. This was super cool!

— She swiftly uncovered limiting beliefs I was holding about my business — and transformed them in seconds with her Willingness Process. I felt so much lighter!

She detected and removed negative influences that were subconsciously sapping my confidence and energy. Now I’m empowered to use her powerful Lightbody Alchemy process myself if the need should arise…


But I must say what has helped me the most is simply having Sandra in my corner, available when I need some guidance or to bounce ideas off of someone. The spiritual entrepreneur journey can be a lonely one; it’s been fantastic to have such a wise and knowledgeable colleague to talk to about my business.

Rarely do you find someone who is deeply tuned in to both the spiritual world and the online business world… Sandra is that rare and precious resource.

I can’t recommend her highly enough!


Dr. Pamela Moss, The Soul Guide

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