What Is Lightbody Alchemy?

We are, first and foremost, energy.

We are emanations of consciousness, condensed into form. Our bodies are physicalized expressions of our imaginations, combined with:

  • the desires of our spirit
  • karmic and soul-level contracts
  • our experiences on Planet Earth in this lifetime
  • other people’s ideas about us, if we give them power

The magic of DNA owes its existence to the subtle bodies that comprise it. As above, so below…!! In other words: the evolutionary process happens primarily in spirit, and only secondarily in the world of form.

Physical reality is only so as perceived by our physical senses. Do you see the fallacy in assuming that the instrument dictate the process? Truth and design both work in the other direction. It is the process that must dictate the instruments needed.

Lightbody Alchemy is the process by which we create change in our lives, by transforming and transmuting subtle form emanations existing within our subtle bodies. These emanations might manifest as seemingly solid objects in our mind’s eye, as palpable sensations around or within the flesh, and in many other ways.

For instance, a feeling (or the experience) of being stuck (in life or business) might be occurring due to any number of situations that can be transformed through Lightbody Alchemy:

  1. A past life residue might have been activated by a new experience.
  2. A colleague might have pushed an idea, energetically, into your field.
  3. An unspoken agreement might have been accepted from the trending social norms.

There literally are as many ways of being imprinted with what is NOT yours to express, or of taking on burdens that are NOT yours to bear, as there are people in the world. Your lightbody — a.k.a. the amalgam of your energy field and all of your subtle energy bodies — is unique to you. It is as unique as your physical body.

Therefore, what is needed to clear and transmute what is not yours OUT of your lightbody will also be unique to you, to your moment in time and to your situation.

Sometimes, what is needed is an addition instead of a subtraction. Sometimes something is missing… or waiting for a kind of completion or evolution that must, necessarily, happen first at the energetic level, before it can solidify into a manifested expression in your life, body or business.

Lightbody Alchemy is a careful process of seeing the unseen, hearing the unheard, feeling the unfelt, and attending to what is needed by diving into the ocean of Spirit that we exist in and are a living, breathing part of. Like a fish turning its attention to the existence of water, we turn on our psychic senses and proceed to perceive in a multidimensional fashion. Then we follow the promptings of Spirit.

Inviting and allowing Inner and Higher Guidance opens the way for the right tools and techniques to be presented to each unique situation. The process dictates what is needed, and surrendering to the moment teaches us everything we need to know.

Lightbody Alchemy cannot be compartmentalized, standardized or put into a course outline. More than a set of transformational tools and techniques, it is a process of extra-sensory perception that reveals both what is in order and what is out of order in a person’s unique emanation — and how to make things right for that particular person, at that particular time in their life.

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