Why I Work With People Who Design Their Own Lives

The task of designing your own life according to your own heart, or according to your higher power under any name — whether you call it God or guidance, Goddess or intuition — this is a truly tough task.

I suggest that people who successfully turn their attention to this task, do so with a great sense of curiosity, awe, humility and wonder.

It is, in my opinion, a task that requires ALL of one’s attention (if one is so inclined, that is) — at least from time to time, in spurts.

If I were to give some advice to my favorite future clients, it would be to approach their heart’s calling SLOWLY. Mindfully. Step by step.

It’s the only way, really.

If you try to speed through your life-planning or business-building the same way you speed through social media… you’ll find yourself taking wrong turns, making bad choices, and coming up short.

Designing LIFE with intent… with ATTENTION… this is a tough task that you ARE fit for.

We are human beings, imperfect and divine, beautiful with all of our flaws, and infinitely capable and able to grow, learn, evolve and make sound decisions.

Most of the time, we just need to slow down in order to be able to do this well. We need to actually listen to some real silence for a while… We need to breathe in some oxygen while paying attention to it.

Sounds like a redundant thing to do but thousands of yogis, saints, mystics, healers and zen masters from across the ages can’t be wrong, right? Paying attention to the breath, every day, can create small miracles in your life, top to bottom, inside and out.

I am a living, breathing and walking example of that.

As the Divine Designer of my own life, I choose to work with people who are similarly guided to design their own lives, their own work, their own communities.

I hold space for this, from the subtle mindset of knowing it is possible, to the rooted foundation of making it a reality, and every state of being in between.

I love the wholeness of this work!

Following your heart takes courage, patience, and a bit of wild abandon. Stepping into unknown territory sometimes requires a guide… a wayshower who knows the lay of the land.

Trust me, I’ve been there in the creative zone of chaos that is ripe for clarity… I’ve been at the major crossroads that will change everything… I’ve been overwhelmed and expanded, challenged and blessed with divine solutions. I’ve got both the wisdom of experience and the vision of a higher perspective that only Spirit can provide.

I can be a wayshower for you, and am always happy to assist clients who are ready to follow the whispers of their own hearts.

In order to find out whether I am the right business shaman to help you, just contact me to schedule a free, preliminary conversation at your own convenience.